Wherever you live in the world, you know that the weather conditions are unpredictable. The cause is due to the increasing damage to the ozone layer and the environment of the earth. Natural calamities can happen anywhere and anytime in the world. If you are like most homeowners, you must have insurance to your assets like home, car etc., Did you know that not most insurance policies cover flood damage? A serious flood can cost tens of thousands of dollars if you do not have the insurance policy that covers flood damage as well.

Recently, Irma hurricane caused more than $100 billion damage to many parts of Florida and other areas, surpassing the record held by the famous Katrina that damaged assets of worth $50 billion in 2005. If you are planning to get an insurance policy but not considering covering the damage caused by flood, understanding common facts of flood damage will help you make a better decision. So, let met unwrap the most unknown facts about floods.

Devastating floods occur a lot more frequently that you would imagine. In fact, statistics show that flood occurs in every state of U.S. This means, no matter how lucky you have been in the past you are always at risk of your home being flooded. Additionally, most homeowners don’t have insurance policies with flood damage coverage. If you are planning to get an insurance policy, make sure you take this quiz to find out how flood damage policy can save you thousands of dollars. You can also visit Health IQ.com to learn more.