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You Got It… Wait, Where Are You Going?

Oh American Family Association (AFA), I just don’t understand you.  As the last week ended, I was so encouraged to see you moving your news and blog coverage in the right direction last week.  Your discernment seemed to be up to its full throttle as I read your article on Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally that is upcoming in Jerusalem.  You actually challenged Christians to denounce Beck’s event and billed it as simply a stab at monetary gain by the mormon Beck.

To make things even better for the discerning types, you also published a wonderful little piece by Marsha West.  In the piece, West encouraged the readers to look closely at who the religious right is aligning itself with.  West was ringing the alarm for the reader to open their eyes to the fact that many “leaders” and would-be leaders are locking step with the cult of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).  West blew the whistle on women such as Cindy Jacobs and men such as Lou Engle, Chuck Pierce, C. Peter Wagner, and Dutch Sheets to name only a few.  There you stood AFA, boldly standing up and stating that as a member of Christ’s body that you would not support leaders who would align themselves with these proclaimers of dreams and visions (despite your past alignment with them at certain events).  Change, repentance, and discernment were all in the air.  Even organizations such a Right-Wing Watch, a group that disdains you AFA, stood up and took notice.

Then, out of nowhere and with no warning or explanation, Marsha West’s piece disappeared (UPDATE, 5/26/11 – click here to read West’s comments on this submitted to This Pilgrim Land).  Her valiant work of discernment and warning seemingly walked off your servers, no longer to be found on your website.  (To read where the piece once was click here; to read a cached version of the piece that once was on the AFA website, click here; to read the piece in full on Renew America, click here.)

Why did you do this AFA?  Why did you stop the momentum that you had and take your foot off of the throat of Satan and those working evil for him in the visible church today?  Marsha West’s piece offered more Biblical evidence and actual quoting of scripture than almost anything I have read on your website in a long time and yet that wasn’t enough for you to remain faithful to God???  Why did you do this?

We certainly know that it is not due to your concern about what the secular world feels about it.  You have a long history of standing by your guns, correct or not, on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and of course the extremely important Christian issues theme-park attendance and immigration.  So we know that your change did not come from external pressure.

That means that it had to have come from internal pressure.  Who though and for what reason?  Who works inside AFA that would willingly take down a piece of writing that is calling Christians and American voters to carefully discern who they align with?  It is obvious that whoever it may be, has the ability and the pull to be able to have something such as West’s piece removed.  Is AFA eating itself from the inside?  More importantly, would Christ approve of this person pulling a writing that would be pleasing to Him off of a website?

The saddest part of this is the person inside of you AFA who initially read and approved for Marsha West’s piece to be posted.  We now know that there is at least one person inside of your walls who not only sees the danger of the NAR and their dominionist teaching and false prophecies, but who wants the world to see about it and become aware.  To that person, I hope that you are not discouraged.  Continue to do what you are doing, educate those around you and point out the fact that the dominionist teaching is not one of gospel taught servitude, but one of abject power and control over people.

I hope that Christians who read this will pray for AFA and their leadership.  I hope that you will pray that they will stop being fooled by false teachers and will repent for the support they have given them to this point.  Also, pray for the one or more inside AFA who realize the danger and pray that they have continued courage to stand up for the word of God and to continue to evaluate what people are saying in the name of God with the word of God.  If it doesn’t match, even a bit, then it must be thrown out.

UPDATE 5/26/11 – Click this link to read West’s comments to As I Travel Thru This Pilgrim Land regarding this matter.

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