The Best Things to Do in Monterey, California

The central coast of California is a beautiful place to visit and is one of my favorite places to enjoy the Californian sun. Monterey is one of your best bets for a great time on the central coast, and I enjoy visiting as often as I can. I have written this article to give you all a […]

Winter Activities Near O’Hare International Airport

The following article was originally published on by Nathan Anderson on 12/18/17. Chicago is famous for many things, from its sports teams and stadiums to the blustery weather, which has earned it the moniker of The Windy City. It is the home of the deep dish pizza and the Sears Tower and was the […]

Where to Stay, and What to See in Washington DC

The following article was published on by Mary Chong on 12/18/17. Where to Stay, and What to See in Washington DC When visiting the U.S. Capitol, you must include the national monuments and museums on your to-do list. Here are some suggestions of where to stay and what to see in Washington, D.C. Alexandria, […]

When It’s Great to be a Woman in Italy

Yes, there might be sexism in Italy — even up to the highest levels of government. Yes, it might be so bad that primetime news shows routinely show half-naked women, that the country lags behind in every statistic from the gender gap in wages to the number of female politicians, and that a million women […]

Hidden Underground, an Ornate, 2,000-Year-Old Sepulchre

I’ve done a lot of cool things in Rome — but visiting the Columbarium of Pomponio Hylas is one of the coolest. And it’s one of Rome’s best-kept secrets. First off, let’s debunk the idea that Christians were the only ones who got neat underground burial chambers in Rome. In fact, the practice of interring […]

An Empress’s House Opens… Only Through March

Rome’s just unveiling all kinds of incredible ancient sites. Case in point: the House of Livia — a gloriously-frescoed, 2,000-year-old structure thought to belong to Emperor Augustus’ wife. After being closed to the public for years, then open on Saturday mornings only last fall, it’s reopened this month. But go quickly. Because, so far, it’s […]

The Week of Free Museums Across Italy… Is Here!

From now until April 17, Italy’s state-run museums and sites are free. (Yay!) In Rome, that includes the Colosseum, Forum, Palazzo Massimo, Galleria Borghese (where you can find Raphael’s beautiful “Entombment,” above) and Baths of Caracalla… to name a few. Take advantage! Here’s a complete list of sites with free entrances this week, from Pierreci […]

Revealed Rome’s 12 Most Popular Posts in 2012

As we approach 2012’s end, I was pretty curious about which blog posts were the most popular on Revealed Rome this year. A little stats-checking proved to me that my readers are (unsurprisingly) big fans of Rome, especially when it comes to food, Christmas, shopping, and more! Without further ado, here’s the list of the […]